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We create videos that elevate, engage & excite our client's audiences.

Why is video important?

Video is the most powerful form of communication. Consistent and creative video content can do big, meaningful things for your company - like drive engagement, increase brand visibility and sales opportunities. All of this is achievable with the right team; that's where we come in.

Increased traffic.

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs.

Increased conversions.

Video can increase landing page conversions by 80% or more.

Increased revenue, fast.

Businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Our Process

All things considered, it isn't as easy as most people think... There is a process that goes into every video that allows you to convey your message effectively - and not just that, a way that will take your audience on a journey and encourage them to take action with your company. What's the action you might ask? Well that's up to you. You name it and we'll find a story to tell that conveys that. Simple.



We research and plan for every detail of your project with precision and care. From crafting strategy to creative concepts to scriptwriting and more, our discovery and pre-production process accounts for everything you need now and might need in the future.



With everything planned and gathered, we’re ready to shoot! Our media team will take state-of-the-art equipment and make the production process run like clockwork. We’d say the process is simple, but it’s taken a decade to perfect.



This is where the magic happens. With our experienced editors and cutting-edge tools, we add the finishing touches to your video. Our task list covers a wide variety of areas including color correction, video effects, sound engineering, animation, voiceovers, and more, ensuring your final product is nothing short of extraordinary.



With everything planned and created, we’re ready to distribute! From here, we take the creative assets and build a purpose-driven performance marketing strategy. 

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Let's talk strategy!

We help brands create an emotional connection with their customers by showcasing their products and services most effectively. Rooted from a marketing mentality first, we are able to determine which video strategies will engage your audience in distribution and encourage them to take action with your company.

Wondering what kind of video to produce?

Video is the most powerful communication medium. Consistent and creative video content drives engagement, increases brand visibility, sales opportunity, and talent recruitment. This is all achievable with the right team— the Creative Indivisuals team.

Brand Videos are to convey your business's values, mission statement or core.

Brand Videos

Ready to make money with video? These videos are to grab attention and encourage your consumers to take action.

Campaign Videos

Social videos are to establish your identity online, build a presence and establish authority to drive traffic.

Social Videos

Brand Videos

Brand videos illustrate the heart and soul of your business.


If you’re a company that offers a service that is complicated or unique and you need to communicate exactly what you do, this is essentially what you need to create. These videos do best in the forms of company videos, testimonials, example videos, etc. 

Campaign Videos

Campaign videos are used to build awareness, excitement and engagement within your audience to help them move along a purchasing journey.

The end result is to always encourage your customer to take action with your company and explore what your business has to offer. With campaign videos, you tailor your videos to look exactly like what they're looking for and more likely to engage with.

Social Videos

A social video is created specifically for social media sharing via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.


Our clever social media gurus are here to strategize a slick and effective social media campaign for your brand. They'll optimize your messaging to suit your target demographic and engage them with what they're interested in.

Whether it’s for a YouTube Channel or a Facebook post, yours might just be the next video to go viral for all the right reasons!