Approaching every project from a journalistic approach, we aim high in telling a story for each of our clients. Whether the end goal is to educate, excite, engage or promote a product to the consumer, we are tactful with applying our creativity to ensure the end result is what your business is looking for.


The supply and demand in the video production industry is booming in recent years, and there's no question why. Video for

businesses has been shown to provide good ROI and proven to increase conversions and sales. By adding a product video on

your landing page for example, you can increase conversions by 80%. 

If you think about it, the effectiveness of video is not even that surprising. After all, vision is our most dominant sense. Most

information transmitted to our brain is visual. So if pictures can already boost engagement massively, imagine what moving

pictures can do for your business.



Fundamentals and technique lie at the foundation of every skillset worth learning, and our production crew has put in the necessary experience to master their craft. If your business has a vision of what you want to create, we can execute precisely in carrying out that vision during the video shoot.



Ranging in tools from Adobe After Effects, Premiere ProFinalcut Pro and more, our in-house team is well equipped with every asset necessary to deliver your business high-quality video. Every creative would agree that this process is where the most labor is involved, and our team takes pride in being able to turn around projects faster than average, distinguishing ourselves from some of the top video production companies in Los Angeles.



Once the creative assets are completed, our online marketing team moves in to consult with you, gauge your business's goals and aspirations and develop a digital marketing strategy to get there.  Content marketing helps to improve conversions because it allows you to connect with and educate your leads and customers. Not only are you working to build trust and relationships, but you are also encouraging conversions by giving consumers the information they need to make an educated purchasing decision.

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Video marketing boosts conversions and sales

Studies show that adding a video to your homepage or landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Starting with the first and foremost compelling reason why your business should look into video marketing is this... it can make you a lot of money. Additionally, by applying video to your marketing efforts can lead directly into sales. Another study has shown that 74% of consumers continue to buy a product after watching a product video. 


Video provides a great return on investment (ROI)

A survey revealed that 83% of businesses say that video provides great return on investment. Many businesses today understand the need for video but do not understand the reward of the investment. When you invest into video, you are investing into your customer's attention, relative interests and more. The possibilities are endless with how far video marketing can take your company and how valuable it is to marketing success.


Video establishes customer trust

Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. But building trust should be a goal on its own. The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships. Stop selling and let the people come to you by providing them interesting and useful information and the rest will follow in line.


Google loves videos

You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase in how much videos affect your search engine rank. 


Video ads have changed the game

The average click-through-rate of video ads is 1.84%. That’s the highest CTR of all digital ad formats! And for a 15-second non-skippable YouTube video ad the completion rate is 92%. For skippable video ads, the rate is 9%.


Video ads are also highly effective on social media platforms. Facebook, clubbed with Nielsen, projected the value of video ads on its platform. They learned that 74% of the total Ad Recall can be achieved already within the first 10 seconds of the video. So, fight against banner blindness by making video ads instead.

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