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In 2014, Persue found himself in a liminal state. Having ended his career as a commercial artist, he moved to Brooklyn in search of a clearer path for his fine art. A well respected artist in the worldwide graffiti scene, Persue’s characters and illustrative approach carried over into multiple projects -- one of them ignited while he was riding New York’s subway trains.


Persue pays homage to this sacred space in his Wet Paint series of paintings inspired by iconography found in New York City’s most utilized Liminal Space: Subway Stations. Using MTA Wet Paint signs as a canvas, Persue and his collaborators honor one of the world’s busiest transit systems, a sprawling liminal space where millions of New Yorkers spend hours of their precious time, daily, and transforms the signs into collectible original artworks.

This project was featured on Hypebeast.


Lifestyle Photography

As Persue's second international art show took off, The Creative Indivisuals was set in motion to cover the event and capture the elements that made the show speak for itself. 

Social Video

Wet Paint and The Creative Indivisuals have teamed up on multiple projects, amassing thousands of views online. Each video created has a unique story that elevates, engages and excites our audience to experience what world-renowned street artist, Persue, has created.

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