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Donny Doquisa is the CEO of The Creative Indivisuals and is hands-on with every project that comes through the doors. Upon entering the industry in 2010, Donny began traveling internationally to help clients with video production and commercial photography as an expert in telling his client's stories from a perspective that inclines audiences to get involved and take action.


In the last 10 years, Donny has worked around the world in cities like Shanghai, New York City, Vancouver, Australia and Los Angeles with companies such as Redbull, Adobe, TEDx, Puma and more.


He has built a deeply rooted passion for uprooting the Creative industry and evolving the expectations within it because he feels it's time to create a collaborative industry, rather than a competitive one.

Because of that, Donny has built a brand centered around helping unite  the Creatives of all industries; a brand that speaks to everyone that identifies themselves as "creative."


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Clubhouse Accelerator Program

Learn how to write your bio, grow your following, build your brand, make meaningful relationships and begin to monetize on the newest platform, Clubhouse.


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