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Rather than a traditional circular shape, the Shark Wheel is a hybrid of a sphere and cube taking on the properties of both shapes while in motion. It has been touted as the reinvention of the wheel by various news outlets. The wheels were initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign that reached nearly eight times its initial goal. It attracted the attention of award-winning skateboarders and has won various competitions around the world. Shark Wheel also appeared on ABC's Shark Tank in May 2015 as the season finale.




Social Video

As a 3x world champion and Shark Wheel sponsored athlete, Amber Torrealba took to Jalisco, Mexico to compete in the world championship of 2018. Shark Wheel hired The Creative Indivisuals to fly internationally to capture and recap the event as Amber ended up winning the entire competition.

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Campaign Video

In the beginning stages, Shark Wheel created campaign assets to drive awareness to their already mainstream business, as seen on Shark Tank, in 2017. The Creative Indivisuals has been around since the beginning to help grow and scale Shark Wheel as much as possible, helping in any way we can. Our team assisted in creating this campaign video for them.

With the help of this video, Shark Wheel was able to successfully reach $627K+ of their original $10k goal.

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Lifestyle Photography

To help build social content and assets for website and campaigns, our team took the content to the next level. Shooting in and around the Los Angeles & Orange County areas, we dove into the lifestyle aspect that Shark Wheel brings to the table, and did our best to exemplify that.