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Rather than a traditional circular shape, the Shark Wheel is a hybrid of a sphere and cube taking on the properties of both shapes while in motion. It has been touted as the reinvention of the wheel by various news outlets. The wheels were initially funded by a crowdfunding campaign that reached nearly 52X its initial goal. Shark Wheel attracted the attention of award-winning skateboarders and has won various competitions around the world. Shark Wheel also appeared on ABC's Shark Tank in May 2015 as the season finale.


Campaign Results:


Raised of initial $10K Goal



Crowdfunding Video

After getting offers from multiple sharks on TV, Shark Wheel decided not to move forward with any of the deals presented to them. Instead, they decided to take a grassroots approach and looked for support from crowdfunding. 

The Creative Indivisuals joined the project and helped creatively direct the video for the crowdfunding campaign from start to finish – and the campaign went on to achieve $528,693 of their initial $10K goal.

To view the results from this campaign, click here.


Social Video

Shark Wheel had already built a very engaged community following their episode airing on ABC's Shark Tank – largely because of their innovative skate wheels. They began working with professional skimboarder and 4-time world champion, Amber Torrealba, and our team became her exclusive outlet for photography and videography intended to be used for promoting Shark Wheel products from 2017 to 2019.

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Product Photography

Shark Wheel needed product photography that was as innovative as their wheels – and more importantly, marketing assets that would resonate with their target audiences. We knew that their consumers were heavily interested in the skate and beach scene, and we created product photography for Shark Wheel remotely and internationally to promote their products between lifestyle and studio photography.


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