Luna Lux Gems

The Problem:

Luna Lux Gems is a minimalist jewelry brand that focuses on high quality at an affordable cost. Despite a loyal and growing brand presence online, they were experiencing problems with how to strategically grow their business online. 


Our Solution:

  • Optimize their website SEO

  • Structure a loyalty program that encourages customers to return

  • Develop an email marketing strategy that attracts new customers to subscribe

  • Strategize a facebook advertising campaign to funnel new customers from top to bottom

  • Create content that matches their brand and drives awareness to their company








Through a technical site audit and competitive analysis, we identified the technical issues which needed to be optimized on-site. Based on the comprehensive keyword research, we found unbranded keywords that weren't being targeted. We included the targeted keywords into the headers, SEO titles, meta descriptions and the product copy to increase organic traffic to Luna Lux Gems' website. This effective strategy has lead to a significant increase in organic ranking for Luna Lux's targeted keywords, allowing more organic traffic to become aware of their brand.

Email Marketing

Our team structured an effective nurture path to ensure leads were adequately warmed and educated prior, during and after reaching and subscribing to Luna Lux Gems' website.

Social Media Marketing

We launched a dynamic product ad, which earned a 4,850% ROAS. We also launched custom retargeting segments that broke down by site visitors, top engagement (time on site, content views, and page views), and users who engaged with Luna Lux Gems Instagram posts. 


Product Photography

After having a meeting with Luna Lux Gems to learn their brand values, identity and competitive advantage, we staged a product shoot that would exploit those concepts. We took their core values and drove home the identity they were looking for with the content for their brand.

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