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Commercial Photography

Marketing is no longer about the products you make,

                                    but about the stories that you tell.


The Creative Indivisuals has been photographing in Southern California since 2010. From national advertising campaigns, to fashion look-books and real estate entrepreneurs, our team has serviced some of the most reputable businesses and individuals in all of Southern California. No project is too large or too small, and although we spend most of our time with commercial and corporate clients, we work with many influencers on a monthly basis to create and develop their brands further, too. We have a team of photographers around the SoCal area including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego. Take a look at our photography services below, let us know what the vision of your project will be and we'll get started on bringing that vision to life!




Product photography allows you to put your product in position to grab your audience's attention.

People are drawn to familiarity - and in marketing, it's no difference. Whether you want to showcase your product in a natural environment where it would be used, or you want to show your audience what it looks like in a studio setting, all types of photography drive one main purpose - to put your product on a pedestal.

Image by Clayton Cardinalli




Our team specializes in taking jaw-dropping photography of every type and size of structure, from skyscrapers to residential properties.


If your company is looking to highlight the grand entrance of your Los Angeles resort, display your corporate headquarters or show off your firm’s latest architectural centerpiece, we are the team for you.



The most important thing to capture is the emotion of everyone who attends.

Think about it - a photograph is a permanent piece of time, right? In terms of event photography, it's that and more. It's essential to make sure you capture the candid personality of everyone who attends your events because that is what truly sells a great photograph... One that's worth remembering.

Image by Teemu Paananen
Image by Andre Sebastian




Social branding is becoming increasingly effective for online marketing. Lifestyle photography is a great way to tell your brand's story in an authentic environment so that your audience can see what your product or service looks like in an everyday setting.


 Our team works on both small and large-scale projects in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and any other cities throughout California.




We all know that an exceptional photograph is about more than just the food itself.


There's a technique, from creative direction to post production - that will allow your food to appear at its most mouth watering state. Our team understands the process that will take your plate and show it off the way it's intended to. 

Mexican Meal


Have a project in mind?

Get in touch with us.

At The Creative Indivisuals, we are very proud to have over 10+ years of experience in working with commercial photography and handling all of our client's media needs from the top to bottom. We have spent the time in perfecting our craft and building relationships with companies that have the same vision for their business as we do ours. It starts with this simple concept - take care of your clients, first.

Do you have an event coming up and need a media team? Or maybe looking to create stunning photos of your products or services? Get in touch with us today to find out if your business is in the right position to succeed with commercial photography in Orange County.

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