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Tired of experiencing a "dry season?" Need more patients in the books? We're here to help!

Show up on Google's First Page

Dominate Your Local Area Online

Target Higher Revenue Patients

Convert Online Visitors Into Patients

Automate Your Sales Process

Outrank Your Competitors

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Get more clients, more often.


Average Quality Leads Per Month


expanded our client's email lists by 721%


generated 2M+ views online

Attract High Quantity and High Quality Leads

Many companies offer leads; however, few check if the quality of the leads matches their expectation. At The Creative Indivisuals, it’s not just about generating leads, but also about closing deals. 

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Be at the Top of Search Results For Your Practice

Attract your ideal patients with sponsored listings and SEO. Optimize your practice for local search targeting higher revenue specialties like auto, sports, and personal injury.

Automate Your Sales Process From Top to Bottom

Not only will we bring your practice more traffic month after month, we'll automate the entire process for you. Say goodbye to manually scheduling appointments, say hello to automation and gaining more of your time back.

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Shoulder Treatment

"The Creative Indivisuals went above and beyond helping us create new opportunities for customers online and growing our search results online.

Initially we knew we would see results, but we had no idea how different our business was going to be 90 days later, and how seamless the process was going to be from start to finish.."

- Dr. Drummond, First Choice Chiropractic


We help Chiropractors fill up their calendars using personalized Google & Facebook Funnels.

If you've ever tried Facebook ads before, you understand exactly how complicated they really are - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars.

We let Chiropractors focus on their zone of genius by taking the whole process off their hands.

We'll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you're after.

The members of our world-class team have collectively worked with hundreds of businesses and have guaranteed methods on converting sales through Facebook and Google.

We are so confident in our services that we are legitimately giving $300 in ad spend to all new clients signed up this month.

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Access our Client Dashboard 

to see your marketing results in real-time.

Ever find yourself wondering how your marketing is going? Never again with the help of our first, state of the art Client Dashboard. You'll have the ability to login and view the following integrations:


Marketing Performance



Rank History

Marketing Performance



Rank History

Competitor Rank

Keyword Opportunities


Keyword Generator

Competitor Rank

Keyword Opportunities


Plus much, much more...

We'll let the numbers do the talking.

23X Return On Ad Spend in first 30 days

Email subscribers list increased by 721%

Increased conversions by 37%

Los Angeles Based

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Ad Account Manager | The Creative Indivisuals

23X Return On Ad Spend in 30 days!


Orange County Based

Chiropractor Case Study #2

200%+ Savings On Lead Cost

7,500 Unique Video Views

6 Cents Per View

Ad Account Manager | The Creative Indivisuals

200% Savings On Lead Cost!

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Ready to grow?

Our team is ready to help you strategize creatively, increase leads and drive traffic for growth.


Still have some questions? Here's the ones we get asked most commonly.

What kind of clients do you help?

The whole spectrum. If you're a startup, we'll find a way to maximize your budget and reach the goals you have in mind to start building momentum. If you're a fortune 500 company, we'll utilize our tools in-house to illustrate your brand's messaging through commercial production and engage your consumers more than they already are. Long story short, we help everybody.

How does my business benefit from digital marketing?

Many times, digital marketing goals are attached to direct business results. When you invest in digital marketing you are creating more opportunities to speak to your market and target your audience to help solve their problems.

Why is digital marketing important?

In the world of today's business, you have to think ahead. You have to position yourself where your consumers are, and these days, 99% of your customers are located online. It is not enough to just put up a website and hope that customers find you - or spend your money running pointless & unintentional ads by yourself. There are countless websites on the internet all vying for the attention of your would-be customers. You’ll need to properly target those audiences, engage them and position yourself in a place to succeed if you are going to get their attention.

How long does digital marketing take to work?

Compared with other tactics, digital marketing is where you’ll tend to see faster results. Keep in mind that creating ad content, identifying and refining target audience, and performing A/B testing to find out what works is what will take time. Budget can also be a factor here. The more money you are willing to invest into it, the quicker you will likely begin to see a return on investment. While not typical, we’ve seen some businesses generate conversions within as little as a day of running their campaign.

Who will I be talking to?

You will be on the strategy call with Donny, the CEO of The Creative Indivisuals. Upon entering the industry, Donny began traveling internationally to help clients with video production and commercial photography as an expert in telling his client's stories from a perspective that inclines their audience to get involved and take action. He then founded The Creative Indivisuals to merge the gap between storytelling and business marketing to streamline the process of engaging an audience and carrying them through a customer journey.

What is the purpose of this strategy call?

The purpose of the Strategy Call is to create clarity for business owners. We'll be discussing what your business is currently doing to generate leads online and what your marketing goals are moving forward. Our team will be able to help you understand specific marketing strategies and techniques to help you achieve the success you're looking for.

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